Es gibt keinen Haken

Installation View. 2017

variation final

“There is no hitch“ – This installation is a silent homage to those who are willing to show themselves uncloaked; in the midst of tender interpersonal relations. In times of endless self-optimisation and -idealisation, a hitch has become more of a mistake and will rather be rejected than accepted. Although a hitch, in contrast to being perfectly flawless, can be taken as a much more constructive source of friction. In the sense of „to stick to something“, a flaw or hitch has the chance not only to get attention, more to generate a special kind of capability to create tension.
This thought is implemented in the doubling by putting its content in a contrary situation. The fact that there is no actual hook on the wall – to put a coat on – is the flaw of this situation; and as a consequence thereof the exact correlation of the real experienceable world and a linguistic play. In the end this work refers to interhuman relation, beyond any kind of idealisation. Perhaps a person that is confronted with the flaw of flawlessness, will be brave enough to uncoat and show himself completely vulnerable.